Audiences are immediately captivated by Austin’s songwriting and multi-instrumentalist abilities. But his genuine personality adds another dimension to his performances. His one-man act fills each venue with a blend of guitar and vocals that have been compared to the likes of Jack Johnson’s Acoustic Surf Rock vibe and Bon Iver’s Indie Folk melodies. Fall of 2014 brought his sophomore album entitled “Never Goodbye EP”.  Comprised of 8-tracks driven by acoustic guitar & minimal percussion, with vocal harmonies that sweep you off your feet. It was a definitive change in direction from his debut album, “A Call To Conversation”. Released June of 2012, “A Call” showcased his love for deep lyrical messages, blended with upbeat reggae grooves and skanks.                          During the following summer (2012) he traveled throughout the western United States in support of “A Call” in addition to hosting small workshops on small-scale composting. After earning his degree in Digital Arts from the University of Oregon in the Fall of 2012, Austin continued to bounce between Eugene, OR and Portland, OR playing the various hotspots of the areas. Most notably, the Broadway Stage at Eugene Celebration, the legendary record shop/venue Music Millennium, The Oregon Zoo’s Summer Concert Series, and 101.9 KINK FM’s The Bing Lounge (now Skype Live Lounge) most recently.


Though most of his musical career has been focused in and around the Pacific Northwest (Cascadia), Austin took a brief break from the Pacific Northwest to get his hands dirty and tap into the energy of the Earth by spending the Winter and Spring of 2015 working on an Educational Organic Farm in Northern California. During this time he still kept his mind on his music and in February of 2015 was added to Pandora Radio’s artist library. In January of 2016, Austin took part in a The Nature Conservancy’s “Love Letter to the Oregon Coast” campaign by writing the theme song, which was also available for download as part of the campaign.

            He hit the ground running with his music enthusiasm starting at age seven. After years of piano lessons, drum lessons, guitar lessons and a few years in the high school choir, he honed his songwriting abilities and developed his love of the live performance. Austin is not limited by any creative bounds and is constantly pushing boundaries to develop a strong identity for his sound.